Bringing Families Together Through Adoption

Adoption is a beautiful experience, but one that can be time consuming and arduous. If you are considering adopting a child or a vulnerable adult, it is important that you hire an experienced adoption attorney to help you through this complex legal process.

At Terrazas Henkel, P.C., our Missoula adoption attorneys have helped many grandparents, stepparents, relatives, and others apply for and complete adoptions of loved ones in Montana.

Assisting With All Aspects Of Adoption

We understand there are many reasons a person may wish to adopt a child or legal adult. Adoption enables:

  • Couples who are unable to have biological children realize their dreams of parenthood
  • Stepparents to gain full legal rights to a child from a spouse's prior marriage or relationship, establish paternity and legitimize a child under the law
  • Relatives of deceased, incapacitated, or unfit parents to assume responsibility to care for and support a child or vulnerable adult
  • Expectant mothers who are unable care for children to provide a better option for the child's future

No two families are exactly the same. Likewise, neither are any two adoptions. At Terrazas Henkel, P.C., we understand that adoptions are sensitive and intensely important to everyone involved. Retain us, and we will take the time to understand your circumstances and pursue the course of action that is right for you and your adoptive child.

We will work diligently to hasten the complicated process of adoption so your family can be united with dignity and in a timely manner.

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